Logo. Investment in Vietnam
24/12/2014 01:10 pm
Laws/Hanoi - While implementing investment project adjustments, it is essential for investors to determine the cases where they need to carry out registration or examination procedures in accordance with the law.
Pilot policy that allows foreigner to buy houses in Vietnam
08/05/2007 12:15 pm
TT Ministry of Construction has drafted a pilot plan of housing policy for foreigner in Vietnam according to Tuoi Tre source. According to the plan, foreigners who can buy houses in Vietnam include persons directly carry out investment activities in Vietnam; [...]
Foreign rep. offices to get fast track licences
03/05/2007 08:42 pm
Foreign rep. offices to get fast track licences
On wages and other interests for on-strike laborers
01/05/2007 02:21 pm
Q: How can wages and other interests of laborers who go on a lawful strike be settled?
Construction Law and guiding documents
01/05/2007 02:51 pm
1. The 2003 Construction Law takes effect as from July 1, 2004.
2. Resolution No. 36/2004/QH11 of 3/12/04 on capital construction investment with State capital.
Employment of foreign laborers in Vietnam
01/05/2007 02:47 pm

Q: Which employers shall be allowed to recruit foreign laborers? How many foreign laborers may be recruited by each employer?

Work permits of foreigners
01/05/2007 02:45 pm
Q: What are job application dossiers of foreigners?
A: According to Point 3, Item II of Circular No. 04/2004/TT-BLDTBXH of March 10, 2004, guiding the implementation of a number of articles of Decree No. 105/2003/ND-CP September 17, 2003
Tax preferences for foreign investors
01/05/2007 02:43 pm

Q: Can foreign investors in software industry enjoy the enterprise income tax (EIT) preferences? shall their products be subject to value added tax (VAT)?

Land rent for foreign investors
01/05/2007 02:38 pm
Q: What are land rent rates applicable to foreign investors in Vietnam?
A: According to Articles 4 and 6 of Decree No. 142/2005/ND-CP of November 14, 2005, on collection of land rents and water surface rents (Hereinafter called Decree No. 142), which took effect as from December 10, 2005, foreign investors may rent land in Vietnam at the following rates:
Supervising work construction in Vietnam
01/05/2007 02:53 pm
Q: What are capacity conditions for foreign consultancy organizations to supervise work construction?