Logo. Investment in Vietnam
24/12/2014 01:10 pm
Laws/Hanoi - While implementing investment project adjustments, it is essential for investors to determine the cases where they need to carry out registration or examination procedures in accordance with the law.
On foreign contractors construction activities in Vietnam
01/05/2007 03:08 pm

Question: What are conditions for foreign contractors to be licensed for construction in Vietnam?

Answer: According to Article 4 of the Regulation on management of operation of foreign contractors in the construction field in Vietnam (issued together with Decision No. 87/2004/QD-TTg of May 19, 2004), to be licensed for construction, foreign contractors must satisfy the following conditions and requirements:

On wage payment
01/05/2007 02:30 pm
1. Wage payment modes
An employer may pay wages by timework (hour, day, week, month), product or piecework, but must maintain the selected mode of payment for a given period of time and notify the employee thereof.
How can foreigners get their papers consularly legalized, notarized?
01/05/2007 02:56 pm
Question: What are provisions on consular legalization, notarization of foreigners papers to be used for marriage, recognition of fathers, mothers or children or child adoption?
Import tax on foreign organizations and individuals
01/05/2007 03:05 pm

Question: What kind of goods imported by foreign-invested enterprises to create fixed assets shall be exempt from import tax?

LAW GUIDE: Representative offices and branches of foreign traders
01/05/2007 02:20 pm

Foreign traders established and making business registration according to the provisions of foreign laws or recognized by foreign laws are entitled to set up representative offices or branches in Vietnam. Representative offices or branches being affiliates of foreign traders must not establish their affiliated representative offices or branches and must neither act as representatives or branches for other traders nor sub-lease their head offices.

Decree 55/2007/ND-CP regarding oil price
24/04/2007 08:58 am
The Government issued Decree 55/2007/ND-CP that may let oil prices follow market prices